Friday, August 14, 2009

my sunflowers! theyz muh babiez. i found out today that last night i kept telling blakely that i fucked her dad. ahaha old people. i got to play in a bounce house today and thats exactly why i love my job. im getting more and more awkward as i get older. god damnit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

i have even fewer friends in knoxville now. pillpopping asshole beat the shit out of his fiance at my house and i have never hated someone this much in my life. boyd having to slam him down over and over to keep him from hurting everyone else in the house like he wanted to. its funny that it wasnt the first time someone spit in my face. the really funny part was how "COPS" it was when the cops finally showed up. domestic violence, boyd shirtless in just jeans and barefoot, jeremy spitting in boyds face, girl with bloody nose, boobies flying everywhere, fornication. minus the last two. fuck thisss. i miss blakely. she my booboo:) gaaay. mommas got anger inner hahrt

Thursday, August 6, 2009

compost make meeso horniiii

bllllaaaaahh i originally should have been driving to new jersey/new york today.. now i cant even go to columbia. so instead of those, i am going to go work with two year olds and girls who think they're on the hills or some shit and try to find money so i can drown myself in alcohol and shame. i figure i havent peed myself in a bit. good news is that i got a kick ass bike that im in love with. shakira's "she wolf" video is fucking hilarious. bitch is weird.