Thursday, August 6, 2009

compost make meeso horniiii

bllllaaaaahh i originally should have been driving to new jersey/new york today.. now i cant even go to columbia. so instead of those, i am going to go work with two year olds and girls who think they're on the hills or some shit and try to find money so i can drown myself in alcohol and shame. i figure i havent peed myself in a bit. good news is that i got a kick ass bike that im in love with. shakira's "she wolf" video is fucking hilarious. bitch is weird.


  1. Don't dis Shakira like that! You know I read this, Justine!!!

    When are you coming to see me???

  2. have you seen it? shes creepy as fuck

    the 21-23. i wanna go noooow!